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Dental department

1. History of department

Dental department of Health Resort “Lermontovsky” was founded after the Civil War by the war odontologist Krasnyansky. It was located in the original oldest building of the health resort. At that time it was equipped by the most advanced equipment received from America.  The department consisted of two rooms, in one of which three odontologists were working and in the second one the dental surgeon admitted the patients. Also the department included a cabinet of the dental technician, where the doctors Gendelmann and Vishnevsky were working.  
At the time, all types of dental care, including prosthesis, were offered. Method of treatment of oral mucosa, parodontitis with appliance of balneotherapy (irrigation from extract of Kuyal'nik mud and sea water), physiotherapy (hydro massage of oral mucosa) were developed on the basis of the health resort. When the list of provided services was increased and there was a need for re-equipment, the Head of the department Yu.A. Wilderman and the dental technicians brothers Schturman decided to “move” the department to its current location, near the administrative building of the Health Resort. As before, the department was equipped with the most modern dental facilities. Our department was one of the first in Odessa, which had proposed metal-ceramic prosthesis to the patients.

2. Nowadays the department continues the tradition of providing dental services of the highest quality. The staff specializes in modern methods of treatment. We can carry out the complex of hygiene procedures, such as ultrasound cleaning of dental deposits, gum curettage, cleaning of hardreachable areas of the teeth AirFlow, mechanical teeth polishing and whitening. Our qualified therapists with years of experience follow a complex approach to the problem of the patient, whether it is the caries or tooth restoration. Due to close co-operation with laboratory and radiology department, we can offer diagnostics  and the necessary medical treatment in the most severe cases. The orthopedists prefer to search for effective solutions based on the approach that the dental system functions as a single body, as opposed to a replacement of single crowns. Our dental laboratory offers the manufacture of veneers, all-ceramic, metal-ceramic crowns and dentures on implants.
With all the rich potential and the range of services provided as well as geographical location in the city center, we can offer our guests from abroad a combination of business and pleasure, including accommodation in our resort, visiting the historical part of the city and complex sanitation of oral cavity at “Odessa” prices.

+38(048) 724-79-58, Monday- Friday  8.00 - 12.00 a.m.