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The following treatment is provided in Clinical Health Resort “Lermontovsky”:

– medical rehabilitation of patients after acute myocardial infarction, treated unstable stenocardia, operations on heart and major vessels;

– rehabilitation of patients after acute cerebrovascular disorders;

– medical rehabilitation of patients after orthopedical and traumatological operations, patients with  defects and abnormalities of spine, arthroplasty, endoprosthesis and re-endoprosthsesis, extremities replantation with the use of Kuyal'nik mud;

– medical rehabilitation and follow-up of women for the duration of pregnancy 

Health-resort treatment

–treatment of patients with diseases of the locomotor system (osteochondrosis, scoliosis, intervertebral hernia, joints diseases of different etiology);

–  treatment of patients with neurological diseases  (after damages of the central and/or peripheral nervous system, vegetative-vascular dystonia, neurosis);

–treatment of patients with heart and vascular diseases (hypertension, coronary heart disease, rheumatic heart disorders, vegetative-vascular dystonia);

–treatment of patients with diseases of genital organs (gynecology);

treatment of patients with rheumatic diseases.


• Clinical and diagnostic laboratory (clinical, biochemical and bacteriological departments).

• Functional diagnostics of heart and vascular, nervous systems:

   •• Electrocardiography

   •• Daily holter monitoring (ECG, arterial tension)

   •• Reo-, echo-, electroencephalography

   •• electroneuromyography

   •• rheovasography

   •• ultrasound diagnosis of heart, abdominal cavity and small pelvis organs

• Fetus biomonitoring

• X-ray techniques

• Professional consultations by:




• climatotherapy.

• Different types of remedial gymnastics, physical therapy.

• Physiotherapy (with the machines and equipment, developed by the Swedish physician, orthopedist and one of the originators of mechanotherapy)Dr. Jonas Gustav Vilhelm Zander.

• Pool activities (hydrokinesitherapy, underwater spine traction).

• Different types of massage.

• Psychophysical gymnastics room.

•Psychotherapy room (individual and group).

•Mud-watertreatment (mud-, gas-, turpentine-, bischofit, pine and other baths), infrapelotherapy, intracavitary- and electromudtreatment.

• Hydropathy (Charcot’s douche, fan-shaped shower).

•Infrapelotherapy complex (“Egyptian” method).

•Instrument physiotherapy (electro- , magneto-, photo-, microwave-, extremely-high frequencies and ultrasound therapies).

• Electromyostimulation room.

• Inhalation and aromatherapy room.

•Room «Mountain air» (normobaric hypoxic therapy).

•Ozone therapy room.

• Nontraditional methods of treatment (reflexotherapy).

•other procedures.

•Dental solutions.