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About resort

Odessa resort area is famous with its premium class recreational and medical treatment resources. They include both climate, and sea, and medical muds, salt brine of estuaries and mineral water. Health Resort “Lermontovsky” is located on the high plain, rising above the sea level, in the center of Odessa, where the climate is mild and temperate. The Black Sea is a kind of a climate regulator: it weakens the heat in summer and softens the cold in winter. Years ago specialists paid attention to such peculiarities of Odessa climate. For example, in 1834 one of the first Odessa balneologists I. Witsman, speaking of the climate in Odessa, wrote the following : 

«Located on the highland, bordering on the Black Sea in the south and in the west, surrounded by steppes from the north and from the east, where nothing prevents the free movement of air, Odessa has one of the healthiest climates. The air is dry, mild and fresh there, especially in summer.  It is “richer” in oxygen than any other ordinary air...»

The flat area of Odessa resort favors penetration of cold air masses from the north, saturated air masses - from the Atlantic Ocean in the west, warm and wet air - from Mediterranean in the south. Strong winds are not typical for Odessa. In summer northern rumba winds prevail, and in winter – northern-eastern ones.  Average wind speed is 4,5 meters per second. Breezes often prevail in July and August.
Since the end of March to October, the air humidity in the Black Sea coast corresponds the comfort zone (within 40—70 percent of the relevant air humidity).

 Winter in Odessa is mild with unstable snow cover, often thawing, slightly frosty and moderately frosty weather prevailing. Sometimes in winter the days are cloudy and dull, from time to time the weather is foggy. As a rule, the summer is characterized by dry, warm and non-cloudy weather.